Momentum is a performance-driven agency helping influential people unlock the power of their expertise and bring value to the lives of millions.

Welcome to Momentum.

The world has changed. For so long, ambitious people were blocked from learning skills due to where they lived, who they knew or how much money they had to spend. A disadvantaged teenager couldn’t learn to build websites if he couldn’t afford university. A single mother couldn’t learn martial arts because the gym was an hour’s drive away, and her schedule was too busy. A bored executive couldn’t pursue his passion project to the highest level because the experts lived in a different country.

Now, everything is different. The new creator economy has opened up skill sharing to anyone with an internet connection. Useful information travels faster than ever, crossing continents and impacting the lives of millions. The learners don’t need to rack up eye-watering tuition fee debt, and the teachers don’t need to bankrupt themselves setting up a school. This shift has opened up a new golden age for human potential. Within minutes, those who are struck by an overwhelming desire to improve their lives can be face-to-face with experts who have the knowledge they need.

We think that’s the coolest thing there is.

At Momentum, we're on a mission to pair our clients with the perfect paying audience through elite-level content production, intelligent brand building and high-performance marketing.

We exist for two reasons:
1) To help people gain knowledge that will change the direction of their lives.
2) To provide our clients with an incredible income stream that rewards them for dedication to their craft.

We believe that learning and evolution is the path to a more fulfilling life. We’ve experienced it. Momentum was founded by people whose lives have been changed forever through the ability to turn ambition into new knowledge. That’s how we learnt the specialist skills needed to build a business we’re proud of, and that we’re confident will skyrocket your success.

We bring attention to those who want to share their knowledge and ideas. We bring incredible content to those who want to learn and grow. When you join our team, you join that mission.

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